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Cartridge SA 12 Bore 70mm 'ASTRAM'


This ammunition is fired from 70mm chamber 12 Bore Gu n.This cartridge is an improvement on our existing popular br and"Special" paper cartridges in so far as their constructio n and perfomance characteristics are concerned. The body is made up of high density polythylene platic tubes, bi-axially oriented,to withstand higer pressures and achieve higher velocity in place of paper crimson.The use of LDPE Power Piston with pouch in place of paper air-cushion as used in "special" cartridges,not only provides better gas sealing but results in achievement and higher accuracy in firing giving a very good pattern of shots.The cartridge uses non-corrosive caps alongwith tubular anvils which eliminates occurance of misfires.The use of smokeless propellant powder give no smoke after firing and the use of hardended lead shots give a good impact on the target. The above improved characterstics make these cartridges suitable not only for use general hunting etc. but also for "Competition Shooting" . Our "ASTRAM" cartridges have already found great favour with many renowned shooters in the competition shooting games.



  • Velocity : 817 +/- 9 m/s
  • Pressure : Not more than 348 MPa
  • Functionin : Satisfactory performance at extreme temperature condition [220 K to 395 K]
  • Mass : 23.392 to 25.4 grams
  • Length : 71.12 to 0.76 mm
  • Maximum range : 4000 metres
  • Cartridge case : Rimless brass
  • Power charge : Ball powder

    Strict quality measures are adopted with modern technique of stastistical quality control during various stages of production . The cartridge case as well as other components are proved/inspected separately in empty stage before being released for filling ,assembly and packing.Added to this each lot is proved for Ballistic and functional tests in assosiation with service Quality Assurance Agency representative of users.The cartridges SA 7.62mm Ball M-80 are filled and assembled in lots of sizes 5 to 14 meets the specifications laid down for ball M-80.


    Total safety during handling and tranportation.


    -The cartridge has got a high angle of fire and is capable of high degree of accuracy -The cartridge has got a capability to function in weapon both new and old encountered in service -The cartridge has got a capability to function at specified requirements in all climatic and environmental conditions


    The shelf life of the filled cartridge SA 7.62mm is 20 years


                     QTY/BOX          QTY/CARRIER     WEIGHT OF CARRIER
                                                      PACKED AMMUNITION
    Bandolier pkd    400 Rds.            1600 Rds.        62 kg
    CTN pkd.         600 Rds.            2400 Rds.        80 kg
    Belted           235 RDs.            40 Rds.          41 kg
    This carrier provides protection during transportation and storage


    BDR/CTN Packed Carrier 6 A/L  -667x327x205 mm
    Belted carriers 7 A/L         -428x300x206 mm


  • Compatibility group : S
  • Hazard division : 1.4
  • Fire fighting classification : 4
  • U N no. : 0012
  • IMDG Code page No.
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