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Catridge 30mm ADEN Gun Practice MK 2Z


This ammunition is fired from 30mm Aden Gun mounted on HF24, Hunter and Mystere aircraft. This is most modern and optimum Air Ammunition calibre for training/practice. This ammunition consists of a projectile and a cartridge case. The projectile consists of a cylindriclal steel body into which is screwed an aluminium alloy firing plug. The firing plug is dumb-bell shaped, one end having a blunt nose, a curved taper and a thread to screw into the body. The Cartg case constains a propellant charge of approx. 46 gms of nitrocellulose and potassium sulphate boosted by primer instead of only a propellant charge of approximately 30 gms of Nitro-cellulose & Potassium sulphate. The primer is a bag of silk gauze containing approximately 10 gms of N.P.P 160 Powder and is located over the fire hole in the case. The ammunition is manufactured to Government of India, Ministry of Defence. Specification No. AIR1383H and Drawing No. ARM 1106B1





The ammunition is absolutely safe during manufacturing, storage and transportation in all conditions. Care should be taken in that the electric cap is not struck, as a blow is liable to cause the cap to function.


Due to its sound design and careful manufacture, it is very reliable for use in combat field environment. It is most effective and reliable in its role in air to air combat, air to ground support, against radar installations, fuel dumps, soft skin vehicles etc.


Shelf life of this ammunition is 10 years


29 rounds are fitted in one belt % 1 round in loose condition. The belt alongwith the loose round is packed in one steel box H60.



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