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84mm TPT - 65


This ammunition is fired from Gun 84 mm RCLm Carl Gustaf M2 from the shoulder. This ammunition is ballisticaly identical to the 84mm HEAT round. Except for a tracer , there is no other explosive in the shell. This round is provided in order to save on the costlier HEAT rounds. The soldier is trained on this round and all the practice firings are mostly done by using the TPT rounds . This ammunition is of Swedish design.

This ammunition is of fixed type. The design of the ammunition parts and functioning are like Artillery components excepting that the rear of the cartridge case is closed by a plastic blow out disc(base plate)which allows rearward escape of the propellant gases and the ignition of the propellant is by a side-located percussion cap and an igniter composition. Cartridge case is made of light aluminium alloy drawn to specification BS 1470 grade 6082 TF or IS 736 grade 64430 WP. At the rear,it is formed with a flange which is cut away over a length to take a guide while loading the round in the gun. At about 90 degree from the cut away flange, a hole with two diameters is provided on the body of the cartridge cse to take the percussion cap. The shell body is made of light aluminium alloy to specification SISAI4250-10 or DEF30A(a): LM 24M Propellant NGB 204 is a ballistite propellant.This ammunition is manufactured to Government of India, Ministry of Defence Specification No. CQA0311 and Drawing No. F1301-047740J.





As no explosive filling is involved in the shell filling, the ammunition is safe during manufacture, transit and storage.


Due to its sound design and careful manufacture, the ammunition is very reliable for its end use.


The shelf life of the ammunition is 7 years.


Two rounds are packed in twin containers made up of injection moulded tube of high density polyethylene, 4 such twin containers (total 8 rounds) are packed in one wooden crate.



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